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Biodegradable Seed Paper Confetti : Shamrock Clover

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The perfect sustainable party favor. Eco-friendly Seed Paper Confetti made from 100% post-consumer material.

Packaged in a compostable baggie.

The Sample Pack includes the colors requested for 6 pieces total.

*As with all recycled material products and handmade goods there may be slight imperfections. Certain seeds contain small amounts of oil which can be visible on darker colored paper. The smaller the confetti size the less likely there will be seeds in them - if the planting aspect is a priority, we recommend medium or large*


Recycled Seep Paper

Wild Flower Varieties include Snapdragon, Bird's Eye, Black Eyed Susan, Clarkia, Sweet Alyssum, and Catchfly at a 1/5 blend ratio.


Large: 25mm (50 pieces)