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Seed Paper Travel Journal: Custom Coptic Notebook

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This special little notebook you can plant.

Contribute to the eco system by growing wildflowers and helping our bees.

Made from 100% post-consumer material with recycled paper pages.

Choose the thread color and make a unique gift for your loved ones. 100% Cotton Tread so the book is 100% compostable.

Seed Paper Hardcover Notebook with a coptic stitch binding. Opens flat so you can utilize every inch of the page. 

Can be used as a travel sketchbook, notepad, or pocket notebook.

80 sheets/ 160 pages


*As with all recycled material products and handmade goods there may be slight imperfections. Certain seeds contain small amounts of oil which can be visible when there is pressure on the notebook cover*


Recycled Seep Paper

Wild Flower Varieties include Snapdragon, Bird's Eye, Black Eyed Susan, Clarkia, Sweet Alyssum, and Catchfly at a 1/5 blend ratio.


Large: 25mm (50 pieces)